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Custom promotional podcasts for the golf industry


Turnkey Industry Specific Promotional Podcast Specialists

With 57% of US adults now listening to Podcasts, the question is why wouldn't every golf industry establishment offer one for their prospects and customers?

 Golf-centered podcasts are now a must-have tactic for every one selling a product or service to the passionate golf community that can’t get enough information about golf tips, golf equipment, golf travel and golf courses.

Golfcast offers an industry-specific turnkey, professionally hosted and edited promotional podcast solution to the golfing industry for less than $1,000.

Why invest in a professionally produced podcast for your business?

  • Ideal way to add personal flavor to your establishment and brand

  • One of a kind medium to connect with prospective clients during drive time 

  • Great way to highlight positives of course or brand and enhance customer loyalty

  • Unique opportunity for an interrupted conversation with prospective customer

  • Chance to inform existing golf patrons of other amenities of golf establishment

  • Easy to market on existing platforms like your  website, business/score cards etc.

Kind Words 

 “The podcast GolfCast created for us is destined to become an integral part of our overall marketing program and has received rave reviews. It would have taken far more time and money if we were indeed even able to do it at all in house.”

~ Brian Smock

Coronado (CA) Golf Course Golf Pro

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