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We are two marketing executives with decades of golf industry experience that believe podcasts are the ideal medium for golf businesses, courses, associations and travel groups to tell their own unique story. Over half of US adults now listen to podcasts as they drive to work, exercise or listen in the privacy of their home. For the avid golfer, podcasts represent the perfect one-on-one, highly relevant, in-depth and convenient information medium without the endless ad wells of TV and radio or dryness of digital ads, blogs  and newsletters. 


As former agency founders, we believe that every golf business should have a podcast in their marketing arsenal of tactics given the rapid growth of the medium particularly for high income males 55 and older. What we found out, to our surprise in doing our own podcasts, is that there are very few agencies that can produce a promotional podcast at a reasonable, one time fee, and none that focus exclusively on the $84 billion global golf industry. 


We make it simple with a suggested format, process, top flight editing professionals and our best-in-show host, Jim Plumb. It only takes a week from start to finish, involves less than two hours of client time and costs less than $1,000 dollars.


If you are a member of the golf business community and were thinking of adding your own promotional podcast to your business contact us today and take an ear to  some of GolfCast's  current work this site.

Ralph Fascitelli & Jim Plumb

About us

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