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What we do

We do only one thing; produce outstanding audio promotional podcasts for all types of golf establishments and we do it well, promptly and at a very reasonable  price. Once you commit to doing one, there is a brief discovery phase with your presenter involving a 10-15 minute phone call and the completion of a one page written document. We have distinct Discovery outlines depending on whether your business is golf course, golf association,  travel business or markets a golf service or product.


After the Discovery phase we agree on a suggested narrative for a 16-20 minute podcast that includes a brief overview of your business, its history, what makes it unique, a profile of your typical customer, additional amenities or services and contact information. We then  schedule a remote Zoom call with our host Jim Plumb that will take about 30 minutes at most and then send the audio file to our for review before we sent it over to our professional editing team in Hungary. Finally we send the edited version to you for final approval

Image by Soundtrap

Four easy steps


Phone call 



Interview narrative

Talking points


30-minute Zoom call

Record postcast


Edit recording

Deliver audio file

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